• Portrait Series

    In my imagamaking class we were given free reign to come up with our own brief. This was great news as I knew I wanted to do a portrait project but the brief changed from what it was initially which was to screenprint the portraits. As it developed, there was no good reason for doing so and the photography was strong enough to stand on its own.
    The brief I set myself was to capture people that I knew and complete stranges on the street. I'm a big fan of street photography particularly Cartier-Bresson. I also wanted to challenge myself as I can be quite shy about taking photos of people I don't know and if I have a college project as my reason it seems to be more acceptable rather than 'just because I want to'.I wanted the overall project to be a bit quirky and to reveal something particular about the characters. I didn't want it to be their life story but just something small to tweak our interest in them, to create a bit of mystery.